Motorised overhung elevator (EVM)

EVM It is a gantry crane with an overhung part which moves over rails separated by 4m. The path is configured by inter-connectable 3 and 6m modular stretches in order to achieve the desired length. There are also optional 90º curve stretches.

An important aspect is the easy installation which allows temporary applications. The installation requires the installation place to be horizontal and with an unnoticeable or inexistent slope. The ground must be resistant enough in accordance to the expected weight (see table below). The client himself must assign a person responsible for the installation. This person must keep a record and further control each one of the installations carried out.

Below the gantry’s main beam, moves an electric hoist (most of the time) equipped with an electric carriage.

All the movements, included the movements made by the gantry, are under electronic control. This causes the movements to be extremely precise.

Relevant characteristics
If the installation is going to be carried out over a building top, the person in charge must know and approve the foreseen maximum weight.

  • Load capacity: up to 1,200Kg
  • Maximum elevation height: up to 45m
  • Sizes:
Support reactions
R1 = Maximum reaction of the rail’s legs in side A
R2 = Maximum reaction of the rail’s legs in side B

Safety devices
Due to the temporary nature of many of the EVM installations, it is essential for the installation time to be as short as possible but with a perfectly safe operation. In order to achieve this, the EVM has the following integrated safety devices:

  • Electro-mechanic and electronic overload detection
  • Limit switches in all the movements
  • Counterweight safety: presence of the counterweight and overturn torque limiter
  • Anti derailment device
  • Detection in case of rail shortage
  • Excessive inclination detection (Optional)
  • Automatic rail alignment by means of a laser (Optional)

If any of the operative parameters exceed the established limits, the corresponding safety device wil immediately interrupt the operation.

Overhung Elevator with Manual Push (EVE)

The overhung elevator with manual push can be considered a variation of the PLE (Push Light Gantry), with an overhung part (1m in the standard model) which extends the hoist’s action in the main beam and allows lifting loads from an elevated position, for ex. placement of a panel in a wall.
The sizes of the standard models of the main beam range from 4m to 7m, while the height ranges from 2m to 7m.
The standard load capacity is of 1,000Kg.
Other sizes and load capacities are available upon request.

Support reactions
R1 = Maximum reaction in each wheel in side A
R2 = Maximum reaction in each wheel in side B

The EVE has safety devices:

  • Electro-mechanic and electronic overload detection
  • Counterweight safety; counterweight safety and overturn torque limiter