Self-braking motor

motor-autofreno The self-braking motor by rotor displacement designed by Selmetron, is the simplest and most elegant solution of a brake motor. It is characterised by its stator and trunk-conical rotor.

The brake is unblocked when the nominal tension is applied. When the tension is interrupted, a helicoidal spring activates the conical brake immobilising the axis.

This is a simple and steady braking system that does not require electronics or auxiliary coils.

Within the asynchronous motors, the squirrel cage rotor has been specially designed and conceived for frequent start-ups at short intervals. Although it is simple, it has a strong construction. It is the ideal activation system even in the most unfavourable conditions.

The constructive models are based on several assembly possibilities: with legs or clamps, in several horizontal and vertical positions.

They are supplied standard for speeds of 750, 1,000, 1,500, and 3000 rpm, for both continuous service (CS) as well as for intermittent service (IS), and in standard powers of 0.5 CV up to 15 CV.